Chocolate Coconut Truffles

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Even though there’s a little bit of time involved while you’re waiting for things to set, this recipe requires very little actual effort! These are a delicious little treat and they store nicely in the freezer. Store in the refrigerator or other cool place once made.

Fiery Chicken

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This recipe came about when a private client mentioned that she and her husband were really missing a particular chicken recipe because she happened to be on a ketogenic meal plan and it didn’t fit her plan. Well, I had no problem with trying to make over her recipe so that it fits a keto diet and it turns out, it’s delicious whether you’re eating keto or not. It definitely has a kick and the chicken stays super juicy. Like, running down your chin juicy. Have a stack of napkins at the ready! Chicken drumsticks are also a great way to stretch your grocery budget; to make this today I got a dozen good sized drumsticks for 11.50!

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